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28.01.2015, KUKA: The Revenge 2015: Who Will Gain the Upper Hand – Man or Machine?

effective world    28/01/15

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The answer will be revealed on the 11th of March 2015 when the KUKA robot, Agilus, and the table-tennis professional, Timo Boll, once again meet to test and compare their skills in speed, precision and flexibility. Then as now KUKA relies on effective world for the project management and technical implementation of its global marketing campaigns.



The Match Goes Viral


A year ago 6 million people watched spellbound while the two table-tennis rivals battled against each other. In 2014 the world-class sportsman, Timo Boll, danced around the green table serving one rapid ball after another, but Agilus the Bot seemed unimpressed by the efforts of his opponent and calmly won each rally. Boll, however, refused to be intimidated and did what he always does when things are not going his way – he changed tactics. Agilus could only gaze in amazement as Boll’s balls started to fly around his hydraulics. Boll gained the upper hand and finally won the match, beating the KUKA robot by 11 to 9.


Agilus had to admit that although he might well be the best robot, he certainly was not the best table-tennis player. It remains to be seen whether Bot can get his revenge on Boll on the 11th of March 2015 – follow the match on www.kuka-timoboll.com.


A small foretaste of the battle of the titans can be seen here: