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LinkedIn B2B Marketing Campaign Success

effective world    05/03/14

International Online Marketing, Social Media


One of the most effective and rewarding ways to leverage LinkedIn for lead generation is by creating and running advertising campaigns on the social network.  For B2B companies in particular, this is an excellent way to get your products, services, and events in front of key industry executives and potential customers.  For B2B companies taking advantage of LinkedIn, 65% of them have already gained at least one new customer via the social platform.


In general, there are three types of campaigns that are best suited for B2B companies. Naturally, these mimic more traditional ways of customer acquisition, while simultaneously capitalizing on LinkedIn’s targeted user base and professional segmentation structure. This is what makes LinkedIn so valuable to marketers looking for new leads or to raise awareness of their brand. With LinkedIn, it’s possible to target members based on criteria such as what company they work, which industry, their decision-making power, education, or other skillsets. Location and language targeting are possible as well. These combinations of selection criteria ensure that your ads are seen by relevant business people who already match your pre-defined buyer personas.

1. Content Promotion/Gateway

Content promotion differs from a more typical pay-per-click ad in that it prompts users to supply some key information of theirs (name, email, and company, for example) in exchange for yours—a case study, whitepaper, or free trial. Because this is a very routine practice amongst LinkedIn users, it’s commonplace and not seen as a negative to host your content behind a gateway of sorts. However, it is important to keep a few things in mind when creating your landing page and download options.


  • Create clear and concise calls-to-action in both your ad text and landing page. How the visitor can gain access to your content should be obvious and simple. This means placing a short information form and large button to submit and download prominently on the landing page.
  • Content should be available for download immediately. Expecting the user the wait until they receive an email or enter in a special code takes too much time, and you will lose their interest. Better to let them access immediately, and then send a follow-up email after a few days to see how they liked it.
  • It’s also good to offer a “free demo” or “trial offer” as a CTA in order to increase click rates. These are simply other forms of gateway content that can be accessed after the user gives some personal information (and a lead is generated for you).


Of course, writing engaging ad texts and experimenting with targeting groups will also improve the results and downloads from your content promotion.

2. Event Promotion

One of the most popular ways B2B companies generate business and build relationships is through trade shows and conventions. This is a staple of the B2B marketing experience that isn’t going away despite a definite shift to digital and online communications. However, the real success stories lie in the middle ground, where marketers leverage both online and offline marketing channels to attract attention to their exhibition booths and set up valuable face-to-face meetings with potential and existing customers.

In order to promote your attendance at an upcoming industry show—why not use LinkedIn to generate some additional attention? The targeting groups and criteria make it easy to target executives from companies already confirmed to attend—or reach out to local businesses nearby that might not have heard of your company yet. Getting creative with the targeting categories means you can run simple “Come Visit Us” placements as well as directing users to a contact form or voucher download page.



3. Sponsored Update

LinkedIn is not only a social networking platform; it also hosts a wealth of content and news specific to certain industries or companies. Like other prominent social media channels, LinkedIn has a newsfeed where users are shown updates about their contacts, companies followed, other Influencers and top news. Just like a regular update, a Sponsored one can be liked, shared, or commented on by those who see it and people in their own networks.

This is an excellent way to build awareness for your company or brand while offering interesting content for users to interact with. You can direct them to a landing page, download page, or even your company LinkedIn page to increase followers and build your influence outwards.




Last, but certainly not least of all, LinkedIn offers a very special and valuable addition to companies that use its advertising services. This is that, when a user clicks on your ad, they are asked if they want to be contacted by you directly. If they click “yes,” then all of their contact details and professional information from their LinkedIn profile is sent right to your inbox.

This is a powerful tool for lead generation, because you can see exactly who is clicking on your ads and engaging with your company’s updates. If someone chooses not to be contacted, you will still receive their name and company information—just not their email and phone number. It really is a win-win feature for marketers, and one that all companies should be taking advantage of.