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Top 3 Social Networks for Online Marketing in Iran

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Iran: 75 million inhabitants and more than half (40 millions) of them are online. Furthermore, there are 1.26 mobile phones per person in this Middle Eastern Country. So one might think, these would be ideal conditions for successful Online Marketing endeavors, if it wasn’t for that censorship problem. But no reason to give up hope prematurely, Iranians can be reached via local networks, as well as through some western websites.


Azadi Tower - Teheran



 Azadi Tower, Teheran (Iran)    


Access: Denied


Most of the Social Networks and western websites are blocked by the Iranian government, including Google and Facebook. This is why half of the “online Iranians”, access those networks via VPN connections. But there are also a few local Social Networks that are very popular amongst the population which are perfectly suited for Online Marketing campaigns.






Most popular Social Networks (Dez. 2014)


With 40 Million members, Facenama is the biggest Iranian Social Network on the web and in the top 10 when it comes to most visited websites in Iran. Facenama_LogoThe platform looks a lot like facebook, that, and censorship, might have played a big role in why Facenama got so strong. With 11.674.083 unique visitors per day (Quelle: w3snoop),this network should definitely be considered for campaigning.










It might be a bit of a surprise but, in defiance of censorship, Twitter has a lot of active users in Iran. In fact, because of their tweeting via VPN connection, Iranians hold the 20th place worldwide regarding the output volume. 0.5 % of all Tweets are of Iranian origin.



These three Social Networks are the most frequented in Iran and should be considered for every Social Media Marketing. But, as always, there are more options for advertisement available, news channels like tabnak.ir farsnews.com for instance. If you’d like to find out more about „Digital Marketing in Iran“ we recommend our free White Paper.



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