Consulting | Workshops

Online Marketing

From planning to execution: effective world’s experienced online marketing specialists can organise and lead consulting and interactive workshops, for all stages of an online marketing and communication operations. The topics range from media planning to the latest trends in online communications.

Internet technology projects are often very demanding. The consideration of all usability, stability, time management, and cost factors as well as implementation and controlling across multiple countries and languages results in projects with a high degree of complexity. This is effective world’s niche operational area, where we have developed the core competencies and project management skills needed to achieve success for customers. This extensive experience with web technology in the international field is an integral part of all individual consulting services.

Intercultural Competence
The continuous liberalisation of international trade and an increased demand for global products and services means that intercultural competence is now essential to good global business practice. The effective Institute of Intercultural Competence is your strategic partner for cross cultural communication, for finding solutions for all aspects of multiculturalism and its impact on the perception of product and brand names, for texts, images, and logos. The institute’s consulting services and workshops contribute to marketing strategy optimisation and aid in avoiding costly intercultural errors.