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effective world provides online marketing solutions in 36 different languages in more than 60 countries. No matter what your target is – whether performance campaigns aimed at new lead generation or the improvement of brand awareness – we can implement your digital marketing goals throughout the world.

We are your partner throughout every marketing campaign - from initial concept to concrete planning, implementation and analysis. We provide comprehensive services with one focal point of contact for your (international) campaigns.

We ensure the efficiency and transparency of your digital marketing campaigns and take all possible measures to protect your investment.



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Precision targeting of specific customer groups enables us to guide interested parties to your home page and to increase traffic and new leads.


Online Advertising

Potential new customers are reached via textual, display or video advertisements in the most frequented search engines and display networks, such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Haosou, Naver, Daum, amongst many others. Should a user not be convinced after his first visit to your landing page, we can, if you wish, continue to pursue the lead with a remarketing campaign.


In addition to writing copy, we can also manage the visual presentation for your online advertising. Our business unit Design & Video can provide a conceptual design and produce the advertising material on the basis of your ideas, either as display ads (HTML5, Image) or as video clips.


We monitor all online advertising campaigns with web analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics or Piwik. In combination with tag managers we can record almost every user interaction or event that occurs on your web pages.

We carry out regular audits to examine whether the set goals are being achieved by the advertising activities and, if necessary, make adjustments.


Keyword Advertising


Search Engine Advertising


Display Ads




Banner Ads


Video Ads






Media Production

We design your digital advertising space, optimised for all devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet etc.). Our service includes the creation of microsites, landing pages, display ads (banner), videos (corporate image films, films about a specific product or event), animated presentations, photos and graphics.
In short: valuable content for effective online marketing.
Please find further information under Design & Video.







Please contact us via mail or phone if you'd like to talk to us directly about your online marketing project.


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Do you want to reach your target groups and acquire new customers for your products and services? Then a good search engine ranking is of major importance. We can optimise your website for Google and many other national and international search engines.



The optimisation of your web presence begins with a detailed analysis. With the aid of a SEO platform such as Searchmetrics, we can determine the current status of your website and those of your competitors. We will also carry out comprehensive keyword research, in order to ascertain which keywords are relevant for your target groups. Based on our results, we will prepare a complete online marketing strategy and subsequently optimise the content, the technology and the link structure of your homepage. Afterwards, we can observe the development of your ranking with the above-mentioned SEO platform.

You can also use these powerful software tools to continuously monitor the quality and development of your website. Should anything occur to affect the performance of your website, you can be informed by email and, if necessary, immediately take steps to rectify any sudden loss in ranking.


Content Optimisation


Keyword Analysis




SEO Platform


Link Structure Analysis






Website Relaunch

The relaunch of a website is a complex undertaking that not only concerns the design of the user interface, but also often involves the underlying page structure, the domain and the content management system.
With careful planning and conscientious implementation, we provide support at all of the many different stages of the project, thereby ensuring that your previous investment is protected and that the relaunch is a success. First of all, with the aid of various software platforms and tools we make a detailed analysis of the existing website in order to get a clear picture of its strengths and weaknesses and also to obtain sufficient data to make a before/after comparison of the relaunch.
Directly afterwards we can, if wished, develop a strategy for the effective marketing of your new internet presence.











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directly about your online marketing project.


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Do you want to promote your company and products online, but have no idea how to get the best results? No problem – just ask us! We would be happy to give you comprehensive advice.


Media Planning

Together we will help you define your advertising goals and your (worldwide) target groups. Based on these objectives, we will select the most effective advertising format for you and develop a tailor-made plan as to which media channels (search engines, social media, display networks etc.) are best suited for your advertising message.

Once you are convinced by our proposals, we will handle their full implementation and will also provide you with regular data and information, from which you can measure the success of your campaign.




Media Buying


Ad Developement


Search Engines,


Social Media,...








Please contact us via mail or phone if you'd like to talk to us

directly about your online marketing project.


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The social media have long since proved to be a valuable marketing tool. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, XING & Co you can effectively realise many of your goals, such as lead generation, improvement of brand awareness, recruiting etc.

Social Media Marketing

We will determine the best mix of channels and together with you we will develop the perfect strategy for reaching your target audience. Even if your target group is in China, Russia or Iran, we are the right partner for you. Most of the population of the latter countries cannot be reached via the western online networks, but independent social media channels such as WeChat (China), Vkontakte (Russia), oder Facenama (Iran) are now well-established. With the help of our international team, we can successfully manage your social media campaigns in China, Russia or Iran – including all translations and intercultural adaptation.
In order to assess the success of your advertising activities and, where necessary, to optimise them, we monitor all relevant parameters with the aid of the monitoring tool, Brandwatch. With this tool you can keep an eye on all your social media channels at all times – an email alert will immediately inform you of any unusual activities on your profile.


Social Media Advertising


Content Marketing






Brand Awareness, Leads, Recruiting, ...








Content Management

Inadequate marketing resources? We can act as an extension of your own department, creating any content that you need, ranging from copy for websites or press releases to photos and video clips.

The steady increase in the number of online communication channels means considerably more work which often exceeds the capacity of a company’s own marketing department. Our content experts can, as needed and at any time, provide flexible support for your team: we can update catalogue and portal entries worldwide; we can write search engine optimised text in 36 different languages; we can publish your copy in press releases and social media networks and we can revise existing entries or post new ones on other suitable portals, such as Wikipedia.
We are also happy to handle the content management of your website on the basis of CMS platforms, such as Typo3, Joomla, Drupal, Sitecore, or Wordpress; here too, in as many languages as needed.




Content Maintenance


Content Creation


Portal Marketing


Content Distribution




Social Media






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directly about your online marketing project.


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E-Mailings (e.g. newsletters, greeting cards) are an effective advertising instrument for maintaining and intensifying contacts. The services we offer here include comprehensive solutions for both novices and professionals as well as training courses for each software, such as Mailchimp or Inxmail.

We are also happy to handle the editing, testing and dispatch of your mailings. If you require a special layout for your mails in order to comply with your corporate design, then this is easily solved with Smart Template from Inxmail. With the aid of our partner’s e-mailing software, you can simply design your own reports to include important key performance indicators such as open rates and clicks, or you can ask us to do this for you.

















Please contact us via mail or phone if you'd like to talk to us

directly about your online marketing project.


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