Online Advertising


Precision targeting of specific customer groups enables us to guide interested parties to your home page and to increase traffic and new leads.


Online Advertising

Potential new customers are reached via textual, display or video advertisements in the most frequented search engines and display networks, such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Haosou, Naver, Daum, amongst many others. Should a user not be convinced after his first visit to your landing page, we can, if you wish, continue to pursue the lead with a remarketing campaign.


In addition to writing copy, we can also manage the visual presentation for your online advertising. Our business unit Design & Video can provide a conceptual design and produce the advertising material on the basis of your ideas, either as display ads (HTML5, Image) or as video clips.


We monitor all online advertising campaigns with web analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics or Piwik. In combination with tag managers we can record almost every user interaction or event that occurs on your web pages.

We carry out regular audits to examine whether the set goals are being achieved by the advertising activities and, if necessary, make adjustments.


Keyword Advertising


Search Engine Advertising


Display Ads




Banner Ads


Video Ads






Media Production

We design your digital advertising space, optimised for all devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet etc.). Our service includes the creation of microsites, landing pages, display ads (banner), videos (corporate image films, films about a specific product or event), animated presentations, photos and graphics.
In short: valuable content for effective online marketing.
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