Search Engine Optimisation


Do you want to reach your target groups and acquire new customers for your products and services? Then a good search engine ranking is of major importance. We can optimise your website for Google and many other national and international search engines.



The optimisation of your web presence begins with a detailed analysis. With the aid of a SEO platform such as Searchmetrics, we can determine the current status of your website and those of your competitors. We will also carry out comprehensive keyword research, in order to ascertain which keywords are relevant for your target groups. Based on our results, we will prepare a complete online marketing strategy and subsequently optimise the content, the technology and the link structure of your homepage. Afterwards, we can observe the development of your ranking with the above-mentioned SEO platform.

You can also use these powerful software tools to continuously monitor the quality and development of your website. Should anything occur to affect the performance of your website, you can be informed by email and, if necessary, immediately take steps to rectify any sudden loss in ranking.


Content Optimisation


Keyword Analysis




SEO Platform


Link Structure Analysis






Website Relaunch

The relaunch of a website is a complex undertaking that not only concerns the design of the user interface, but also often involves the underlying page structure, the domain and the content management system.
With careful planning and conscientious implementation, we provide support at all of the many different stages of the project, thereby ensuring that your previous investment is protected and that the relaunch is a success. First of all, with the aid of various software platforms and tools we make a detailed analysis of the existing website in order to get a clear picture of its strengths and weaknesses and also to obtain sufficient data to make a before/after comparison of the relaunch.
Directly afterwards we can, if wished, develop a strategy for the effective marketing of your new internet presence.











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