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Jebsen Industrial is an acknowledged industry pioneer and market leader. The success of the company is based on its sound and comprehensive knowledge of almost every major industrial sector and the potential for growth, enormous industrial resources, professional technical services and a broad national and international network of partners.


Jebsen Industrial has been an active player in the Chinese market since 1895. To date Jebsen has not only supported many Chinese customers in developing their businesses, but has also expanded its own expertise and services in 16 major industries; to name just a few, the automotive, food, chemicals and energy sectors. Today Jebsen produces more than 1000 different products for more than 100 well-known companies all over the world.


Goal no. 1

Our first task was to develop a clear and well-structured website which would accurately present the broad range of solutions and products offered by Jebsen and which, despite the complexity of the services offered, would be easily accessible to customers.


Result no. 1

After an intensive analysis of the business model and the products offered (product groups, brands and case studies), effective world created a logical navigational structure. User-friendliness was at all times the main criteria for the architecture and design of the website.


We used our own content management system, ipso, to build the individual pages. Some of the site’s functions are quite complex and high-performance, but they are nevertheless easy to maintain and manage. Jebsen Industrial is therefore in a position to independently amend and expand the site’s content as required during the course of their daily business.


Goal no. 2

After the successful implementation and launch of the new website, Jebsen Industrial also asked us to manage their online marketing for the Chinese market.


Result no. 2

Based on our long-term experience in the B2B industry and online marketing business, as well as our thorough understanding of the special position held by Jebsen Industrial, we chose multi-channel marketing as our main strategy. We were able to considerably improve market awareness of the Jebsen brand and could report a massive increase in the number of quality leads.


Download: Jebsen Industrial: Keep it simple.  (PDF 1 MB)



The online marketing agency, effective world, has always provided us with competent support and advice. We have been impressed by their thorough knowledge of our wide range of products. effective world has enormously improved and boosted our online marketing management.


Rita NG
Manager - Marketing & Communications