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Adapting the “Big Tent” to Local Markets for New Website

Losberger Group is a global leader in the development, production, sale, and leasing of temporary space solutions, such as modular tents, and halls.  As an ever-growing company committed to better serving its customers, Losberger needed a new website and content management system that could handle its many different product offerings, as well as have local on-site support in terms of training and content management updates.  As a long-time customer, they turned to effective world for a solution to this challenge.


The Goal

An international company offering different products and services in each country and several languages, Losberger needed a content management system that could dynamically match and serve these items based on a particular user’s physical location—all while keeping brand guidelines and style congruent across all markets.  These country-specific requirements also meant that local sales information, contact people, locations, and other dynamic information needed to be presented to the website visitors correctly.  Additionally, Losberger needed local support and training, in its German headquarters as well as in China.


The Plan

By using effective world’s own content management system—effective.ipso—Losberger was able to have a stable and reliable way to serve the right information to its many website visitors the world over.  The implementation of all Losberger products, subsidiary, and sales information was a large task, but was efficiently handled by the Customer Care team at effective world.  The multilingual and tech savvy team was able to configure the CMS exactly to Losberger’s specifications and in the local language needed.


The Result

After inputting over 200 countries, 500 products, and 100 distribution partners into the content management system, effective.ipso is able to handle any user requests for information and tailor that info depending on the user location. This was especially useful for Losberger China, where other technical and internet constraints can typically be a challenge for companies operating internationally—as well as having local support from the effective Shanghai team.   Losberger can also depend on effective world for any updates or changes to the website content, managed quickly by the Customer Care team.


Download: Losberger: A Dynamic CMS   (PDF 1 MB)


We have been working with effective world for many years and have always been able to depend on their reliable internet solutions. Furthermore, as an international company which can experience temporary staff shortages, it has been important for us to have a very flexible partner on whom we can rely to provide staff support in China or Germany at any time and in any language. We can also take for granted that effective world possesses the required knowledge of our products and processes without any additional training or investment on our part.


Dieter Schimmel
Director Group Marketing
Losberger GmbH