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How Searchmetrics™ and effective Delivered Worldwide SEO Benchmarking

Our customer, a global intralogistics company, came to effective world looking for a way to better measure and optimize its website content—with one major caveat. As a large company with many different countries and languages on their website, they needed a solution that could accurately and measurably provide SEO feedback, in addition to competitor analysis.


The Goal

Finding a software system that is capable of handling hundreds of different keyword queries, in many different languages and search engines, all while providing reliable and useful reports and feedback.  This should be automated and easily interpreted by the Marketing Department, so they could focus their limited time and resources on optimizations, rather than collecting data.


The Plan

In early 2014, effective world setup and configured the Searchmetrics Suite, a top notch and flexible search engine optimization tool for our customer.  The tool was implemented across many different subsidiaries, including Europe, China, Australia, and the US—with local training and supported provided by the effective world team.   Searchmetrics became the natural choice given its ability to operate across many different languages and search engines, including Naver (Korea) and Baidu (China), in addition to Google and Bing.  Once the correct keywords were implemented and competitor benchmarks established, all that was left was for the tool to do its crawls and report back how the customer was doing in its rankings. 


The Result

Thanks to Searchmetrics, the customer was able to quickly see how their website and content were ranking organically against important keywords, as well as how their competitors were doing as well.  This information became even more valuable, since the company was already planning a website relaunch—so they could easily optimize existing content for the new site.  In addition, the tracking functionality of Searchmetrics allowed them to easily see trends in the industry and with their competitors, so they could continually optimize and keep their rankings as high as possible.  This turned out to be very useful and effective tool, one that the company continues to use, even after its website relaunch.


Download: SEO for a Global Player  (PDF 1 MB)


As an organisation with global operations we place value on efficient and results-oriented performance. effective world’s global competence and their strong focus on the customer convinced us that they are the right partner; the quality of our cooperation and the results have exceeded our expectations.


Sr. Manager, Corp. Development