WeChat Marketing for B2B

Whitepaper: WeChat Marketing for B2B

How international industrial companies can leverage China’s most powerful social media app to build brand awareness, generate leads, and nurture customer relationships.

With nearly 1 billion regular users in China, WeChat is more than the country’s most popular app; it is also the single most powerful marketing tool for international companies looking to reach a Chinese audience.



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Many B2B companies may already find it challenging to create value via social media marketing on western platforms. But WeChat offers a completely different toolset for marketers.


From its vast ecosystem of features, to the way content travels, to the ways users interact with one another: WeChat is completely distinct from western social media platforms. And in these differences lies tremendous potential for industrial companies who are looking to put their niche, high-value products and services in front of an audience of Chinese professionals.


Drawing from nearly a decade of experience crafting sophisticated WeChat marketing campaigns for European and North American industrial companies, this whitepaper aims to demystify China’s super app and help B2B companies visualize how WeChat can be leveraged to strengthen their brand and customer relationships in the Chinese marketplace.



What’s inside: 


  • How WeChat’s unique behavior design impacts B2B marketing
  • Features available to B2B companies via WeChat Service Accounts
  • On- and offline strategies for generating leads and building a WeChat following
  • Using WeChat to nurture leads and manage customer relationships
  • WeChat solutions for maintaining customer loyalty



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