1st International Management Meeting

effective world    09-02-2015

İş Dünyası



effective world’s 1st International Management Meeting took place in the company headquarters in Mannheim in January 2015.


The Managers of the effective world group travelled by plane or train from Singapore, China, France, Turkey, Spain and USA to meet under one roof for the very first time in the history of the company. After an exciting and productive week, it was clear to everyone that the next International Management Meeting definitely has to be a fixed item in our 2016 agenda.



1st International Management Meeting - The Movie


This international gathering was of course filmed by our new business unit, Design and Video.

Important in-house events are often milestones in the development of a company. A video of the event can not only be used to promote the company externally, but can also have internal benefits. Documenting a company meeting on film is a sign of respect and appreciation of your employees and an excellent form of communication. An event video captures the essence of the company and its people.

But that’s enough words, let the pictures speak.




„It was an amazing experience for me from start to end!”


Mehdi Zare

Managing Director US