A Branding Success Story.

Xtraice is a Spanish company with its headquarters in Seville. Since the company was founded in 2003, they have invested considerable time and money in the research and development of synthetic ice for sale worldwide. In 2012 the company decided to take steps to improve their global brand awareness. They chose the effective world Group to assist them to make the company better known internationally.


In order to increase global awareness of a brand, one first needs to establish certain online fundamentals: an internationally appealing and well-structured website which fulfils all requirements for SEO. Such features as relevant, informative content, good quality links, metadata and a user-friendly design are just the beginning. In order to ensure long-term success of the project, it is also necessary to tackle tougher tasks, such as establishing a strategic communication plan, which can often involve change management. Patience is a prerequisite for brand awareness.


Once Xtraice had developed their multilingual website, effective world were appointed to complete and enhance the content with titles, URLs and metadata which would optimise search engine results. It was important to identify which words and phrases would be most relevant when searching online for information about a particular product. In addition, the most important keywords were used to determine the brand’s ranking in the search engine results when compared to the company’s international competitors.

In order to ascertain the best quality backlinks, not only were the SEO aspects taken into consideration, but it was also established which topics were most talked about in the various online media: synthetic ice, the competitors or Xtraice. Writing good copy for a specific industry is an important and serious matter since its final aim is to inspire confidence in the company and the brand in potential new markets.

effective world employees are trained in-house in the principals of good copywriting and only native speakers are assigned to each target country because they know the culture and they understand the finer nuances of local communication and purchasing behaviour.

Finally, effective world started SEA (Search Engine Advertising) campaigns in French, English and Spanish. The client was able to download lists of prospects for each individual country from the effective tracking system.


effective world used various marketing control tools to make a precise analysis of the increased numbers of relevant visitors in the other countries, the progression of the bounce rate or specific calls to action by the visitor, such as requests for information or subscription to a newsletter (conversions).

This project was destined for success. There was a continual increase in the number of visitors to the website. Optimisation of the SEA campaigns steadily improved the CTR´s (clickthrough rates) and the analysis of the responses from individual countries showed a boost in brand awareness. In order to achieve the desired levels of long-term brand awareness and visibility in the international marketplace, a website has to fulfil important SEO criteria and it must contain well-written, pertinent content that is also marketed via other press channels and online catalogues.

Nowadays this is the only way B2B companies can generate trust in their products in a new market.

Xtraice currently exports synthetic ice to many different customers worldwide and effective world is proud to have been instrumental in helping the company in Seville to open doors to new international markets, to have strengthened the online image of the company and awareness of the brand and to have contributed to the growth of their exports to many countries.


Download: Xtraice: Global Branding  (PDF 1 MB)


Müşteri Yorumu

It is not just the quality and uniqueness of a completely new product that matters. It was important to us to implement a strategy that would not only convince potential customers of the quality of our product, but also at the same time strengthen our brand. This had to be achieved in markets where either other providers existed, although they could not offer an equivalent quality product, or where there were no ice rinks at all. Online marketing has helped us to win new customers and to gain brand visibility and trust in our product in foreign markets.


Reyes González

Online Marketing Director