Online Marketing: Successful Launch of a New Product and Improved International Sales.

Meler Gluing Solutions is a Spanish company based in Navarra which supplies customers throughout Europe with hot melt adhesive systems for industrial processing. The challenge for Meler was how to find the best way to introduce their new product, Micron, and expand their market share within Europe. Together with the effective world Group, Meler Gluing Solutions successfully met this challenge.


A prerequisite for any international expansion plan is cooperation between the Sales Managers and the Marketing Department. Procurement and Export Managers are important resources; it takes time and money to win new customers, especially in the international market place. On the one hand Sales Managers have to look after and develop the business with their existing customers, whilst on the other hand they need to acquire and nurture new contacts. Finding the time to get the right balance for these tasks is sometimes problematic. Meler Gluing Solutions were faced with the additional challenge of launching a new product in countries where the brand was not yet particularly well-known. The company recognised that new leads could be generated with the support of online marketing activities and tools.


In order to market Micron successfully, effective world applied Google AdWords in five countries: Germany, England, France, Italy and Spain. With a well-structured campaign consisting of informative, convincing advertisements and the correct keywords, effective world were not only able to achieve conversions of new prospects, but also broadened awareness of the brand internationally. Furthermore, there was an increase in the number of qualified and potentially valuable visitors to the website.

effective world also implemented international catalogue management In order to increase the number of their prospects – with guaranteed success! Further marketing activities, such as a product newsletter which was distributed to the relevant target group, enabled Meler Gluing Solutions to establish their product in the European marketplace and to increase the number of their potential customers.


It is essential when marketing online to measure and record the success of a campaign and its individual actions. effective world used Google Analytics to document the success of the campaign which had contributed to a remarkable improvement in the company’s sales performance.


The number of visitors and their specific activities (contacts, downloads etc.) were constantly monitored and, where necessary, measures taken to optimise the search experience in each country. This led to a steady improvement in the click rate and consequently to more conversions.

At the same time it could be seen from the statistics produced by catalogue management that brand awareness had increased; there were more visitors to the virtual stand and an increase in the number of requests for further information about the new product. In addition, the Meler portal provided an interesting list of potential leads. The visitors were evaluated and subsequently Meler Gluing Solutions were able to reach their sales objectives in all the targeted countries.



Müşteri Yorumu

“We are a company that operates internationally and we value quality performance that helps us achieve our goals. It was particularly important to us that we were able to understand what effect online marketing has on our export business. effective world has clearly demonstrated to us just how efficiently, professionally and results-oriented an online marketing campaign can be managed.”


Nuria Santón Guijarro

Marketing Manager