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Webinar Recap: B2B Digital Marketing in Japan - A Guide for Industrial Clients

On February 28th, we hosted our inaugural webinar of the year, focusing on the nuances and challenges of B2B Digital Marketing in Japan. Guided by our project managers Philippe Chretien and Nobuko Wakatsuki, this online session, streamed live on LinkedIn and Vimeo, provided valuable insights into a market that poses unique challenges and opportunities for industrial enterprises.


The Significance of Japan for B2B Digital Marketing

Japan's digital landscape is distinctive, marked by the significant presence of local platforms such as LINE and Yahoo Japan, which are as influential as global heavyweights like Google and LinkedIn. For B2B marketers aiming to penetrate this market, adopting a strategic mix of these platforms is pivotal to effectively engage their target audience. During our webinar, we delved into critical factors such as the language barrier, local competition, and the importance of adopting a local approach, which are essential considerations for businesses before attempting to enter the Japanese market.

To succeed in Japan, offering innovative and distinct products or services that set you apart from local competitors is crucial. The market values uniqueness and innovation, especially in offerings that Japanese companies might not have already explored. Furthermore, we emphasized the linguistic challenges, highlighting that Japanese is the primary mode of communication, and English is not widely used in daily life. This language barrier underscores the necessity of tailoring marketing efforts to the local context to ensure effectiveness.


Enhance Your Insight with Our E-Book and Webinar Recording

To deepen the understanding of B2B Digital Marketing in Japan beyond what was covered in our webinar, we've created an E-Book that not only revisits these essential topics but enriches them with informative examples. This additional content is designed to provide practical insights and real-world applications, helping you navigate the complexities of the Japanese market with greater clarity and confidence.

Furthermore, for those who wish to re-experience the webinar or may have missed the live session, we have made the recording available. This allows you to access the wealth of information presented and the expert discussions that took place:


Watch the Webinar Recording

Together, our E-Book—with its detailed examples—and the webinar recording serve as comprehensive resources for anyone looking to refine their B2B Digital Marketing strategies in Japan. They offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications to support your business endeavors in this unique market landscape.

Webinar: Marketing in Japan

Whitepaper Digital Marketing in Japan

Why Our Agency is Your Ideal Partner for B2B Digital Marketing in Japan

Our digital agency is a leader in the realm of B2B digital marketing within the Japanese landscape, equipped to provide industrial companies with the essential knowledge, strategies, and tools for achieving their goals. Our team is comprised of specialists with profound local expertise and cultural understanding, enabling us to deliver customized solutions that effectively navigate cultural differences and align with your business goals.

Achieving success in the Japanese B2B market goes beyond mere translation of existing strategies into Japanese. It necessitates an in-depth grasp of local business practices, proficient use of preferred digital platforms such as Yahoo Japan, and a thoughtful approach that honors the market's specific characteristics. Leveraging our agency's extensive expertise and strategic framework, we are dedicated to assisting industrial businesses in navigating this intricate market, ensuring that your marketing initiatives in Japan lead to the outcomes you seek.


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