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effective world US Joins the American Marketing Association

One of Largest Associations of its Kind

Mehdi Zare

Mehdi Zare    19/04/16



We are happy to announce that our American subsidiary is now a member of the American Marketing Association. American Marketing Association


The association was formed in 1937 and counts 76 professional and 250 collegiate chapters. It is known as a leader in marketing knowledge and offers a broad spectrum of events and trainings to its members. The AMA counts more than 30.000 members and therefore is one of the largest marketing associations in the world.



A fruitful environment


It’s a good opportunity for us to network with other marketing professionals and gain valuable insights into the current developments in our field. Bringing research and daily practise together under one roof, the AMA provides a fruitful environment for creating new approaches and strategies in the online marketing sector.


Being located in Rockville (Maryland) our local chapter is Washington DC. If you’d like to learn more about the AMA or our chapter, please click the links below.



 ama-logo.pngAMA Washington