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A Continuing Tradition of Excellence in Higher Ed

effective world    02/08/19

International Online Marketing, Intercultural Competence, Marketing News, SEO


With pride in the success of our employees, today we congratulate colleague Alexandra North on the completion of her master’s thesis titled “Translating to be Found: Navigating the Intersection of Language and Technology in Multilingual Search Engine Optimization.” She was awarded highest marks for her thesis, bringing a satisfying end to her master’s program in Translation Studies at the Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg.


In her thesis, Alexandra explores the interaction of language and technology in the case of search engine optimization and translated web copy, arguing that creating a succesful multilingual web presence requires more than simply translating texts. To this end she details the technology behind Google’s semantic search as well as the linguistic theories that preceded it and continue to shape both user behavior and SEO. Using real examples from multilingual keyword research and copywriting, she outlines possible strategies by which translated texts might come to rank highly in Google for relevant keywords.


More details are to soon to come when Alexandra shares insights from her thesis on our blog. We are delighted to add yet another outstanding master’s thesis to our gallery of employee success.