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Our Data Analysts Obtained the Google Analytics Individual Qualification

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Data analysis, especially information gathered from online marketing activities, in becoming increasingly important in today’s business environment. Since the beginning of the year, effective world has made a point of increasing our expertise and service offering in this area which is also known as “Big Data”. For this reason, last year we began our partnership with Searchmetrics, in order to develop the skills of our staff and to be able to pass this knowledge along to our customers.

We are continually looking for ways to offer the most cutting edge tools and processes to our customers.

Thus, we are pleased to announce that our data analysts have now obtained the Google Analytics Individual Qualification as per Google’s own rigorous testing standards. This gives you the assurance that our employees are the best professionals for the job and are on the cutting edge of all Google Analytics-related developments.


The Google Analytics Individual Qualification results from gaining competence in setting up the tracking system, as well as in the evaluation of received data. This is also done within the framework of any applicable data protection requirements. This qualification allows our employees to be listed in Google’s own database of certified professionals.