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effective world is now a Sapphire Partner of Searchmetrics

Steffen Schwarzenberger

Steffen Schwarzenberger    15/06/16

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After many years of successful cooperation with Searchmetrics, we have now taken the next step and become a Sapphire Partner. With our new status we will work even closer with the Searchmetrics team and we will be able to offer our customers even better conditions for the use of the world’s leading global search and content performance platform.


Sapphire Partner 2016


Searchmetrics is in an ideal position to steadily improve your ranking and provide continuous monitoring of your website because it provides access to over 250 billion data points which are being constantly updated. The platform is of real benefit for companies with an international web presence targeting different markets.



Reliable Data and Analytics for optimal Performance


Searchmetrics delivers data concerning organic and paid rankings in the world’s most important search engines for desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets. All the factors that affect the current status of your web presence are analysed and broken down, creating a solid knowledge base for optimisation. Regional visibility can also be analysed and improved.


The information provided about competitors and the target market can be used to develop effective SEO strategies. It is not only the performance of your own website that is important, it is also vital to understand what the competition is doing and to know which companies can be rated as a true “online competitor”. There is often a great difference between the “perceived” competitors in the real world and the actual, measurable competitors in the “virtual” world; i.e. who has top position in the search engines of Google & Co. for specific search terms.



The question is: who are my actual online competitors and what ranking position do they hold when compared to my website and other global web activities? Searchmetrics enables you to obtain this information: you can filter out the keywords that other companies use successfully and determine their thematic niche area. The results provide a blueprint for the content and keywords that achieve the best visibility.


In addition to the content (on page) ranking factors, page structures and link architecture can be analysed and the results will show how to optimise these features. The Searchmetrics Suite provides real insight into the steps you need to take to improve your web efficiency.


Once you have created a successful web presence, you will need to protect your investment. This can be easily done with the Visibility Guard of Searchmetrics. This tool automatically informs you when an error, or any other change that could negatively affect the quality of your web presence, occurs. Consequently, you can take timely counter measures before performance suffers.




Our Partnership, Your Benefits


Now that effective world is a Sapphire Partner, the service we can provide will be even better. Our new status gives us direct working contact with the Searchmetrics management teams, including Product Development. This means we will not only have timely information concerning new software, but will also be able to submit our own feedback and be actively involved in the development of new features


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In addition to our close cooperation, the continuous further education of our staff is an integral part of the partnership. Our SEO and content experts learn how to utilise the full potential of the platform for the benefit of your search and content performance. Two of our team members (Ianina Melnikova and Mehdi Zare) have recently achieved the Searchmetrics’ “green belt” certification in addition to their “yellow belt”, so their knowledge of functional principles, long-term concepts and best practice are completely up-to-date. Also, in March this year, Steffen Schwarzenberger successfully completed the “Searchmetrics Sales Consultant” certification process during the Searchmetrics Agency Partner Summit in London. He can therefore provide competent advice on all strategic questions concerning implementation of the Suite.


Our new partner status means we will have greater flexibility in the contractual periods agreed with our clients. This is a real advantage as your investment remains manageable and, without a long-term commitment, you have time to be convinced of the quality of the services provided by the Searchmetrics Suite.