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effective Is An Official Partner of Searchmetrics

Marketing Controlling, SEO, Web Analytics


After successfully testing Searchmetrics in 2013, from January 1st 2014 effective world is an official partner of the international SEO analytics provider, which is headquartered in Berlin.  This partnership allows effective to offer the full version of this award-winning SEO tool to its customers on preferential terms.  This includes support for the setup, evaluation, and optimization of different countries and markets with respect to search engine rankings and competitor analysis.


Thus far, experience with the software tool has been extremely positive. “It was important for us that we can offer our customers a tool that can be used internationally. This ensures that the results are comparable across markets with minimal coordination effort,” explains Andreas Schueler, Head of Marketing Systems and Services, and who is responsible for setting up the tool for customers.

“With Searchmetrics, it is possible to manage huge amounts of data,” adds Sara Valerie Noori, Head of Online Marketing. “This, together with our expertise enables us to greatly increase efficiency in the field of SEO optimization.”

It should be noted, that Searchmetrics is not a one click fix for SEO problems, but rather serves as a tool to support someone who knows how to use it, interpret the data, and make changes on both the back end and front end of a website.

With Searchmetrics, effective world expands its portfolio of outstanding software solutions for efficient and strategic online marketing in an international environment.


If you want to learn more about Searchmetrics, or the application of our other marketing systems, please contact us by phone at +49 621 17893 0 or by email at mannheim@effective-world.com.