WeChat FAQ

For many foreign companies that do not yet have a branch in China or have just entered the Chinese market, WeChat is often difficult to grasp. "Is it really that powerful?" we are often asked.

And our answer is: WeChat is just another marketing channel, one marketing tool among others. But unlike other social media, WeChat has a number of API data interfaces that offer additional benefits for B2B companies.

We have been providing WeChat services in China for seven years, but as an effective world Group we have been active in the field of digital B2B marketing for 22 years and have extensive experience with various digital marketing solutions around the world.

This is why we have not only mastered the know-how of the WeChat operation, but also the use of WeChat as a digital marketing channel for the full scope and importance of corporate marketing.

Below we have collected and sorted some of the WeChat questions that have occupied customers most in recent years, with detailed answers.


  • What types of WeChat accounts are there and what different roles do they play?
  • What is a corporate WeChat, what is a public WeChat account and what is a WeChat group?
  • Can I see the specific information of fans in the background of WeChat?
  • What is the difference between WeChat, Facebook and Twitter?
  • Do you need an official Chinese website for WeChat?

These questions are answered in detail in our WeChat FAQ. Due to the constant development of WeChat, the content of the FAQ is regularly updated and checked. If your question is not included, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our WeChat experts are happy to answer your questions.

It is important to distinguish between the personal and public accounts of WeChat.

As an individual, you can register a WeChat account with your mobile phone number to publish and share information about your circle of friends, chat with friends, family and other contacts and subscribe to the information published by the media, companies and other organisations on the WeChat public account.

Governments, companies, the media, other organizations and even individuals can request to set up public WeChat accounts. The WeChat public account is similar to a Facebook fan page. The main part of the public account can publish content, organize activities and receive user subscriptions (get fans).
In general, our WeChat operation service refers to the operation of WeChat public accounts.

Enterprise WeChat is an efficient office platform that was introduced by the Tencent WeChat team in April 2016. Unlike public WeChat accounts, Enterprise WeChat is mainly open to internal employees and invited customers and partners. It serves as an office.

The communication tool not only has a WeChat-like chat function, but also integrates public phone and e-mail functions, announcements, attendance, vacation, reimbursement and other features. Tencent is currently working hard to bridge the gap between ordinary WeChat and WeChat for businesses. A consistent image can be used to communicate with potential customers via regular WeChat then via corporate WeChat.

WeChat groups are similar to WhatsApp groups and can be created by individuals. If the company wants to set up a specific WeChat group, it must authorize an employee to set up a WeChat group using his or her personal WeChat (or a WeChat registered specifically for setting up a WeChat group). Companies cannot use WeChat groups directly to set up WeChat groups.

No, based on the privacy of WeChat users, you cannot see the personal information of fans such as real names and mobile phone numbers in the WeChat administration panel. But you can see their nicknames and regions.

If you want to get more information about each fan, you have to get it from the fans in different ways, for example by filling in a registration form or participating in a questionnaire.

No, as a manager or public account owner, it is not possible to initiate chats with fans directly in the app, but fans can be invited to initiate chats with the sending of template messages.

This is a problem that plagues many B2B companies. With the increasing role and influence of WeChat in corporate advertising, B2B companies often ask whether it is necessary to maintain official website(s). Our answer to this question is:

The official website and WeChat are two indispensable components of a company's digital marketing strategy. Both must be taken into account, but they must have different emphases.

Users in the B2B sector should fully understand the corporate brand. Usually a PC or laptop is used for this purpose, including via search engines such as Baidu. The information published by the company on WeChat cannot be found in the Baidu search engine. If a potential user does not follow the company's WeChat, he or she will not be able to automatically retrieve the information published by the company on WeChat.

The advantage of WeChat is that it can transmit the company's filtered, high-quality content. This includes the latest product information, any technological innovations and outstanding case studies, quickly to users who follow them, and thus also receive more information and customer feedback via their reposts.

WeChat, Facebook and Twitter are social media platforms with many similarities, but also many differences.

From the point of view of content publishing, WeChat can publish a mix of images and text with personalized and complex content and send interactive mini-games in HTML5, which Facebook and Twitter cannot do.

In terms of technical scalability, WeChat has opened up API interfaces for technical developers, which can be used as a basis for developing the company's requirements. The customer journey when using various applications linked to WeChat can also be tracked.

Like other social media flatforms, WeChat also offers companies various advertising formats. These are essentially three types:


  • Circle of friends advertising
  • Advertising for public accounts
  • Applet Advertising

Currently not many B2B companies use WeChat advertising, especially for the purpose of lead generation. The main reason is that the products are for predominantly professional contexts. If there are B2B companies that use WeChat advertising services, they are mainly used for branding to increase brand awareness or to use branding for large-scale recruitment.

In addition to the advertising services provided by the WeChat platform, B2B companies can also cooperate with industry platforms to advertise their products via their public WeChat account. Such advertising is usually more impactful.

The WeChat Mini program is an application that can be used without downloading. It must be opened in the WeChat environment. If a company is developing a program and its target group is using WeChat, making use of WeChat applets for development is more economical than when developing a normal App, because the developer does not have to consider whether to develop two or more platforms (e.g. Android/iOS).

Uploading to Google Play or AppStore is not required.