Technology and Development

WeChat is not only a social medium for information transfer, but also a developer-friendly open source platform. In other words, every developer can use WeChat's open API data interface to develop related applications according to their own requirements and needs.

The advantage of development based on the WeChat platform is that user behaviour can be better tracked. Companies can collect and analyze user information and optimize their marketing plan according to the in insights of the target group and give better services to the user.

We have been offering our customers a professional service for seven years and have built up trust throughout the years. Through this long-term cooperation with our customers, we understand their products and the business processes within their company.

Our customers involve us in their own technology development projects from the very beginning, so that we take them into account when designing, planning and implementing WeChat activities:


  • Marketing departments: Interactive WeChat event system for exhibitions and other offline events
  • Sales departments: promotion systems or order distribution and management systems
  • Service departments: System for maintenance of the equipment warranty to optimize customer service
  • Human Resources departments: Required onboarding system for employees
  • Administrative departments: development of games and entertainment programmes for internal company activities and conference systems that can be used in different departments