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Establishment and Startup Spirit

The establishment of effective virtuelle Konzepte GbR in July 1998 in Mannheim coincided exactly with the peak of the Dotcom hype. In the same year, while we were searching the internet with Yahoo, Altavista, and Lycos, another company named Google was founded.
As part of the startup phenomenon of this time, our service included various IT services for local businesses. On June 20, 2000, the company was renamed to effective GmbH, and our profile gradually began to shape into an international B2B digital agency, driven among other things by increasing globalization.
Looking at the attached images, one experiences a real flashback: That's what the Internet looked like back then! During these years, we implemented our first larger customer projects. For example, our first programmed online shop went live in November 1999 for theSwing Ballet Shop in Mannheim, accompanied by a long-term intensive collaboration with Swing. November 2002 marks the relaunch of the website of the electrical engineering companyELABO GmbH, our first larger industrial customer.
And what do you think of our first office? There is definitely a Dotcom startup spirit here, isn't it?

Google Ads Introduced in Germany

In February 2002, Google AdWords launched in Germany, and many could not understand why one should pay money for top spots in search engines. Websites were found anyway, as there were not that many yet. Via "Bookmark", most companies could also be found neatly in directories like Yahoo or searched in Altavista. The latter was no worse a search engine than Google, however, Altavista took a wrong turn at the time and tried to imitate Yahoo's directory. Therefore, Google prevailed as a search engine with a simple search field as the homepage.
We were among the first in Germany to offer our customers Google Paid Ads and start campaigns.

Vegetable Auction Live on the Web

As early as 2000, we were commissioned by Gemüsemarkt Maxdorf eG to create a prototype for an online vegetable auction. The result was successful and functional, which led to us receiving the order to implement the complete live version. From March 2002, our online auction platform was fully used by Gemüsemarkt Maxdorf.

This innovative performance did not go unnoticed, and so SWR became aware of it and reported on it in the news (Rundschau). In addition, we had the opportunity to present our online auction in January 2003 at the prestigious Grüne Woche in Berlin.

Twenty years later, in 2022, we received an article from Mr. Dipl.-Ing. agr. Friedhelm Wagner, the former managing director of OGM Maxdorf eG and initiator of the online vegetable auction, reporting that a web-based sales and information platform for fruit and vegetable marketers was introduced in Holland. Interestingly, it was a similar platform to the one we had developed two decades earlier.

It becomes clear that we have made a technological pioneering achievement with our work back then. In fact, many of today's technologies of social media, YouTube, or live gaming did not even exist at the time of our development. It is an honor for us to be reminded that we were far ahead of our time over 20 years ago.

Our Oldest Customer from Today's Perspective

In 2003, we started with Paid Ads via Google, Overture, and Espotting and began working on marketing campaigns for PSINet Europe, a provider of international data transmission services for businesses, on March 1, 2003.

Over the course of 20 years, our oldest customer to date has gone through several changes in ownership and names. However, effective as an agency remained onboard.


PSINet Europe: 2003 - 2005

Interoute: 2006 - 2019

GTT Inc., USA: 2020 - 2022

EXA Infrastructure:  from Jan 2023


Since 2023, the company name is now EXA Infrastructure, and we are proud to be able to celebrate 20 years of collaboration this year! - and Then There Was Only Google

Just a few months after the successful relaunch of, another website from ELABO GmbH,, was launched. We also set up marketing campaigns for ELABO GmbH. Back then, we not only placed ads on Google, but also on Overture and Espotting.

In terms of PPC (pay per click) providers, there was gradually some movement in the market. Overture was bought by Yahoo!, Espotting by FindWhat, and rebranded as MIVA Inc. However, all this was of little help. Google was advancing so strongly that at some point there was no real competition anymore and costs only knew one direction: upwards. This was not the case for the countries where Google had competition and less than 50% market share, such as Japan, South Korea, China, Russia, and in the early days also the Czech Republic, Norway, or Poland. These countries had, among other things, their own individual search engines. In China, South Korea, and Russia, this is still the case today with Baidu, Naver, and Yandex.

Siemens Journal

In October 2005, Siemens AG commissioned us to market their multilingual online magazine, the Siemens Journal, in German and English. This was likely the start of "Content Marketing" on the German Internet with trendsetter Siemens AG. The response was impressive. Readers from all over the world flocked to the website to be inspired by the trend topics, like Megacities, in the Siemens Journal.
Florian Hießl, then Senior Manager Corporate Media at Siemens AG, on working with effective:
"We appreciate the seriousness and reliability as well as the high quality of the services. From June to December 2006 alone, the readership and access numbers of the Siemens Journal increased by 40 percent. The very good results, which we were also able to achieve thanks to the services in Sponsored Advertising conceived and implemented by effective, have prompted us to now also use the effective Tracking tool."
At the end of 2006, our newly developed tool, effective Tracking, was commissioned and implemented. The goal was to obtain more precise and meaningful data on users and their interactions, but also to analyze the success of the advertising campaigns. 

With the implementation of effective Tracking, the team gained valuable insights into the performance of the Siemens Journal. They were able to track which articles were particularly popular, how long readers stayed on the website, and how effective the online advertising was. These insights enabled them to optimize their content and marketing strategies in a targeted manner, making the Siemens Journal an even more attractive and successful magazine.

Article in the IHK Regional Report

The year began with an informative article about effective GmbH in the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Regional Report. This marked an important phase in our company's development, during which we decided to intensify our online marketing services and to bundle our expertise and personnel in a dedicated marketing department.
During this strategic realignment, we also decided to take on the two trainees who had started their traineeship at effective GmbH in 2003 and 2004. Ariane Bareis, then still Hoffmann, (here in the picture with Christian Stolze) was the first trainee in our company and is still working with us today. As Director Finance, she is a driving force at effective and is celebrating her 20th company anniversary this year.


Relaunch of Sesotec, Start of Global Marketing

Our shared history with Sesotec dates back to 2004. Back then, the company was known as S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH.

The year 2006 was an important one for Sesotec. Not only did it mark the relaunch of the new website under the new company name in initially two languages, but it also marked the start of the Chinese website, complete with a full color change from orange to green.

Since then, our core services for Sesotec have increasingly focused on multi-lingual websites, international online marketing, and tracking services (analytics) for industrial companies. Even today, we continue to support Sesotec in increasing their global presence and brand awareness.

The close, partnership-based customer relationship between Sesotec and effective has been a win for both sides. Karl Eibl, Managing Director of S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH until 2013, was enthusiastic about the collaboration:

"We are very pleased to have won such a strong service partner as effective GmbH. Their advice and services encompass everything we could ever need and go far beyond what we expect from a full-service agency."


We are proud to be a part of Sesotec's impressive success and look forward to a continued successful collaboration in the future.

Establishment of effective world Shanghai

"effective goes Shanghai" could be the title of the new chapter in effective's story. The story begins with our first visit to China at the end of November 2006. Thanks to our dedicated employee Yi Wu-Blumenschein, who grew up in Shanghai, we had the opportunity to explore her hometown. This visit left a lasting impression and laid the foundation for a new business venture.
In March 2007, we took the plunge and founded a joint venture with D9 Studio (see also Anniversary effective Shanghai). This partnership promised a lot of potential and opened new possibilities for us and our clients on the Chinese market. Together, we set ambitious goals and aimed to further expand our success.

Over the years, our branch in Shanghai has continuously and successfully developed. Not least because in 2015 Yi Wu-Blumenschein took over the position of Managing Director. Her outstanding leadership skills and commitment have significantly contributed to success in the Chinese market.

Since 2017, effective marketing (Shanghai) Co. Ltd has been a 100% subsidiary of effective GmbH.

In 2014, we facilitated a continent-spanning employer change for Jiansong Liu, co-founder and shareholder of D9 Studio. We were happy to fulfil his wish to become part of the Mannheim team in the future and are grateful that he brings his valuable experiences and expertise to us. And ultimately, it doesn't matter at which location one works with us, as we are all closely connected.

Establishment of effective world Inc. Canada

With Mannheim and Shanghai, we were present in two important markets. However, for an "effective world", we were missing the important continent of North America. Our student trainee Adam Vradenburg paved the way to his hometown Ottawa, where we met two established designers, Jo Kressin and his wife Stephanie Kressin. Together, we founded effective world marketing Inc., in Ottawa, Canada. This allowed us to credibly communicate the term "worldwide" for effective world.

In Canada, our slogan "make your world an effective world" was also created, which we still use today.

Many of our customers have export quotas of > 70% and are active in exactly these countries or continents. As a B2B agency with a focus on industry, it was important for us to internationalize our competencies and reach.

effective world marketing Inc., Canada was active for a total of 6 years, and we decided to move to Washington D.C. in 2014/2015 with a stronger focus on the North American continent in the USA.

ClaimTrack Platform for Transnational Damage Claims

Not the only special case among our long-term clients: the Sedgwick Alliance is a global network of approved companies for claims adjustment and claims investigation. Originally, we developed the online platform ClaimTrack for coordinating the regulation of transnational damage claims for vrs universe, later vrs Adjusters LLC, already in 2008. After the takeover of vrs VeriClaim in 2014, Sedgwick also acquired ClaimTrack in 2018, which is still in successful use today.

Image: Global Claims Management Conference 2007, Caroline Hewlett from vrs universe on the right.

Bott Group

Our collaboration with the Bott Group, another long-standing customer, is a story full of memories and shared successes. The year 2023 was supposed to be the 15th anniversary of our cooperation, but out of a cherished tradition, we decided to postpone the celebrations to 2024. After all, we already celebrated the 10th anniversary on Valentine's Day of the following year, 2019, thus marking the 11th year of our collaboration.

Over the years, we've been able to provide Bott with virtually our entire service portfolio. From server setup and maintenance, workshops, analytics, to the full spectrum of online marketing services such as PaidAds, SEO, content marketing (writing various white papers), and much more.

But it's not just the business successes that make this story so special. It's the moments of collaboration, exchange, and personal interaction that connect us. From shared business trips to Shanghai or Birmingham, many unforgettable experiences bind us together.

The story with the Bott Group is marked by trust, loyalty, and a deep connection. We are grateful for this long-standing partnership and look forward to the coming years when we will achieve new goals together and create more unforgettable memories.


In November 2008, we attended the GlobalConnect - Forum for Export and Internationalization trade fair in Stuttgart.

To our great delight, we were nominated for the GlobalConnect-Award in the "Newcomer" category. The prize is awarded to companies that have distinguished themselves through new ideas, good international networking, or the conquering of a market niche.

Thrilled about the nomination, we attended the award ceremony at the Stuttgart Palace, which was presided over by the then Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Günther Oettinger.


First Campaign for KUKA Robotics GmbH

Our successful collaboration with KUKA Robotics GmbH began on January 1, 2009.

Over time, this partnership has produced countless memories and many joint successes that would certainly fill an entire book. And yet, we only focus on a few highlights here, essentially the essence of our shared journey.

Initially, the goal was to diversify industries and show alternative industrial sectors for the use of robots beyond the boundaries of the automotive industry.

Together with KUKA, we embarked on new paths and celebrated numerous successes, which we will show in further milestones.

Paris - Establishment of effective world S.A.R.L.

In April 2009, we expanded the effective world Group with our French branch in Paris.

Previously, we had asked ourselves why we were failing to win customers in France, even though we had French employees on the team. The solution was that we had to be "on-site". With our French friend Philippe Maslen, we took the plunge and founded effective world S.A.R.L. in his home country.

After almost 14 years, we are now relocating the branch from Paris to Strasbourg. Now that almost all the housework is done, we are preparing for the next important event: Our French branch is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2024. Our long-time employee Philippe Chrétien has also fully relocated his personal residence to Strasbourg since the end of 2022 and has taken over the management of the branch with passion and dedication.

Schaltbau: Another long-term customer relationship begins.

Since July 2009, we have been working for Schaltbau GmbH in Munich. This collaboration started with the pilot project "Globalspec", and by now we are also operating internationally for Schaltbau in the field of online marketing and analytics.

A Year with Three Establishments

There are moments in history when you look back and wonder, "How on earth did we manage that?" This is exactly the case for the year 2010. A year marked by remarkable achievements and rapid growth. When we came together for our annual review, it was probably the longest we had ever held.

The first months of 2010 were already marked by a strong dynamic when we announced the establishment of effective world Ltd. in Istanbul. Among the colorful markets and historical buildings of this city, we found a new place for our growing company. Later in the same year, the Turkish branch of our customer Sesotec GmbH moved into our office. Our local team found the first two employees for Sesotec Turkey.

As part of the "Yourope" program, effective world Istanbul also welcomed arte journalist Elisabeth zu Eulenburg. The topic in Istanbul was: Homeland or foreign land - How easy or difficult is it for young German Turks to gain a foothold in their parents' country. The then Turkish Managing Director, Kerem Kaynak, talked about his experiences commuting between the two cultures.

In response to our customer Schaeffler Aftermarket OHG's inquiry, whether we could imagine a branch in Singapore, Yi Wu-Blumenscheintook on this task and founded effective world Co. Ltd. in Singapore.

As the year was already drawing to a close and the cold days of December were dawning, we also started effective world S.L. in Sevilla, in the warm sun of Andalusia. The driving force there was our shareholder and Managing Director Gordana Majnaric.

The year 2010 remains in our memory as the year of establishments and new beginnings.

Initial contact with our current customer, MCAM

The first contacts with Quadrant came through AOE GmbH and the use of our effective tracking systems by Quadrant IP AG since 2010. In the course of our collaboration, there were various projects from SEO in China, Quicksilver campaigns on social media, online marketing for webinars, or in conjunction with the relaunch of the website, SEO services in Japanese, French, Chinese, and German. Since 2019, Quadrant has been operating as Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials AG, or Mitsubishi Chemical Group | Advanced Materials.

Shanghai EXPO 2010

Our most exciting major project in 2010 was the creation of the website for the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion at the World Expo 2010. Our client was thecity of Shanghai.

The theme of the pavilion was "My City, Our Dream" - a message that underscored community, collaboration, and a shared vision of a better future. The project brought the best companies and agencies from the fields of design, innovation, and technology into the limelight. And we were proud to bring our expertise and creativity to this ambitious endeavour.

However, the task was enormous. We were responsible for the technical implementation of the "Dream Cube" Internet platform, a project that was avant-garde both in its conception and execution. This included not only programming and operating the website but also the constant live broadcasting and interaction from the pavilion, as well as online marketing with the aim of spreading the dream of this city and generating global resonance.

Housewarming Party at the New Office

The year was full of challenges, successes, and major changes. One such change was the move of effective GmbH to a new office. We had, quite literally, outgrown the old office. So, we started searching and found a new place just a stone's throw away. This move was not just a simple change of location, it marked the beginning of a new chapter in our history, coupled with a complete relaunch of our corporate design.

And what would a new office be without a proper housewarming party? When summer was in full swing, the sun was warming the streets of Mannheim, and the city was bathed in a golden light, we opened the doors to our new premises and invited everyone to share this special moment with us.

Even today, we are still based in these premises and feel comfortable, located between Mannheim's main train station and Mannheim Castle, today's university. We enjoy the view of the city and the 360-degree view from Odenwald/Bergstraße and Ludwigshafen/Palatinate Forest.

Paris Gets a New Office Also

The founding of our branch in France took place in the modest rooms of a private apartment in Paris. However, like any flourishing plant outgrowing its pot, our steady growth soon required a larger space.

And the catalyst for this change was our employee in Paris, Raphaëlle Bouix. When she joined our team, she not only brought her incredible talent and passion but also the urgent need to expand our office spaces.

Opening of the Institute of Intercultural Competence

In 2011, we placed intercultural competence at the center of our actions and founded the effective Institute of Intercultural Competence. The institute was based in Mannheim and Singapore, aiming to support our customers in intercultural understanding of their employees and optimize international marketing communication.

Klaus Kunz, the director of the institute, expressed the mission of his institution in clear words.

"Our goal is to provide decisive support to companies in assessing and conducting their global activities. The message must be designed in such a way that the customer understands it in their respective cultural context."

Humor, ambiguities, product names - these are just some of the challenges that the institute had to master. One example was the amusing anecdote from Sara Noori, the head of our online marketing department at the time. She told how a French customer remained puzzled for months as to why his new product was not selling. The solution was: No French person wanted to utter the product name as it was a "Southern French slang term". What one does not want to say, one does not buy.

After years of intense learning and teaching, the Institute of Intercultural Competence remains a significant chapter in our history. Some projects have been successfully completed and are still part of our knowledge and identity today. Understanding intercultural communication and the intercultural competence of our multinational team is not just part of our working day, but a culture of interaction that shapes and enriches us in a sustainable way.

ProMinent and ebm-papst become our customers

The contact with ProMinent GmbH came indirectly via KUKA and classic word-of-mouth advertising. Over the past 12 years, we have since provided online marketing services for ProMinent from South America to Finland. The only thing we still wish for would be a visit to the ProMinent VIP Lounge at an Adler Mannheim game in the SAP Arena...

In the same year 2011, we started SEO and SEA services for ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, and Analytics was later added. In Singapore, we worked for a while for ebm-papst Australia and in the USA, our branch in D.C. conducted a test campaign.  

Trainings, Best Practices PDFs, or the introduction of useful or new tools complement our service package for ebm-papst, as well as online marketing across all social media channels.

Picture: Hermann Bareis from effective and Julia Haas from ProMinent at the ACHEMA fair 2022.

KUKA Opens a Factory in China, Timo Boll Plays Table Tennis Against a Robot

In 2014, KUKA Robotics GmbH, our long-standing partner, opened a brand-new factory in China. This expansion was a critical stride in one of the strongest growth markets.

To appropriately celebrate this, KUKA planned something unique – a human vs machine competition, encapsulated in two captivating videos. The hero of this story was Timo Boll, the top table tennis player in Germany and the first German to gain significant recognition in China. His opponent was a KUKA robot, representative of the potential of automation technology.

Our task was to promote these videos in China, as well as worldwide. The strategic design of the marketing in China was taken up by our employee Yi Wu-Blumenschein.

The videos went viral, watched by millions of people around the world. The tension and thrill emanating from the screens as Timo Boll challenged the robot were infectious. People from all corners of the globe watched, shared, and commented. The views rose quickly and eventually reached an impressive number of 26 million.

Yi Wu-Blumenschein, Managing Director, effective world Shanghai:

“On the controversial topic of humans vs. robots, we subtly inserted hints about the videos beforehand, thus generating a tense yet curious mood and attention on social media among selected target groups. KUKA’s brand awareness in China increased significantly with this campaign. Even several years later, the KUKA Timo Boll campaign remains one of the most successful B2B social media marketing campaigns in China.”


Boris Dolkhani, the then Head of Corporate Marketing at KUKA, commented on the project as follows:

"For the opening of the new KUKA factory in China, effective implemented one of the most successful vertical campaigns in the automation industry for KUKA. The local support in Germany and China has proven beneficial for us. The online competency of effective in the Chinese market, combined with B2B expertise, is compelling."


Our Start as a Member of the bvik

After receiving more information about the Bundesverband der Industriekommunikation (Federal Association of Industrial Communication) from Dr. Andreas Bauer (then KUKA Roboter GmbH) and Kai Halter (ebm-papst mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG), it became clear: "the perfect match".  

As of October 1, 2014, we became a member of the bvik and have not regretted it for a single day.

At the 2015 Day of Industrial Communication with the theme "International Online Marketing", our core topic, we got involved in our first year as a "Premium Partner" sponsor. We showed up with our company roll-ups, fruit bars in effective attire, and a study from our Institute of Intercultural Competence. The study for TIK 2015 was based on an extensive questionnaire on the topic "Industrial communication: Social Media and Internationalization" and offered interesting, and also surprising results.

Over the years, we met many exciting people at various bvik events, listened to many inspiring lectures, and also actively contributed with lectures on online marketing or internationally, such as a white paper on WeChat in China.

Establishment of effective world USA

The founding of effective world USA was the result of a bold decision by Mehdi Zare, one of our Digital Marketing Experts. Along with his family, he left his familiar home in Tehran and made the move to the USA. This resulted in our most recent branch, effective world US Inc. His wife, Mary Massoumi, shared his enthusiasm and eventually took over the management of the company.


New Partnerships

In 2015, the two Mannheim digital agencies, effective GmbH and kuehlhaus AG, entered into a strategic partnership. This alliance brought a fresh breeze and a wealth of knowledge to both agencies, which also paid off for the clients in even better digital services.

At the outset, kuehlhaus AG brought us on board with the Freudenberg Group. As a service provider in digital marketing, this cooperation still exists to this day, just like our strategic partnership with kuehlhaus AG.

In August 2015, our collaboration with OPTIMA materials management GmbH began. The cooperation in all online marketing areas, whether SEO, SEA, press, special campaigns or analytics, went beyond the DACH market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and the USA, to China and Latin America, for both Spanish-speaking countries and Brazil. From April 2018, our Shanghai team supported OPTIMA with WeChat services.

The year 2015 came to an eventful close. On December 1st, we signed our partnership with Qesar and became a nexel supplier, who distinguish themselves through their outstanding quality and are treated preferentially accordingly. They represent an essential pillar of the long-term procurement strategies of the involved machinery and plant manufacturers.


Membership in the Marketing Club Rhein-Neckar e.V.

Our membership in the Marketing Club Rhein-Neckar e.V. was a great opportunity for us, as a digital agency based in Mannheim, to network with other companies and experts in the region. The range of events is very diverse, interesting, and always close to current events.


10 Years of KUKA and effective world

In December 2018, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our collaboration with KUKA AG.

In these 10 years, we have experienced and achieved a lot together. But what's even more important is that the story continues. In China, our branch not only works for KUKA China, but also for Swisslog China. In Mannheim, we are responsible for KUKA AG, KUKA APeC (Asia Pacific except China), Swisslog AG, KUKA Belgium,and KUKA Deutschland GmbH.

As passionate KUKA enthusiasts and robot freaks, it currently looks like we'll be cutting the 15-year birthday cake together in 2024.

einander.MAnifest - Mannheim Declaration on Living Together in Diversity

At effective, we live and stand for diversity in all respects and consider this fact to be valuable and worth protecting. We believe that every person is unique and that it is important to accept and appreciate the differences between us.

Therefore, it was a matter of course for us to sign the "Mannheim Declaration on Living Together in Diversity" on May 27, 2019. This alliance is a voluntary self-declaration regarding the fight against discrimination and intolerance.

Very much in keeping with the motto "live and let live".



And Then Came Corona…

But let's take it one step at a time: Initially, everything was still as "usual", and it wasn't quite clear how to interpret the news about the new virus.

In February, we had our client, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, or MCAM for short, in-house for an international marketing meeting for a whole week. A few other customer meetings outside the office also continued as usual.

Then, however, as reports about the Coronavirus came in fast and furious and the fear that something really bad was rolling towards us became more and more probable, we decided, for safety, to conduct a "fire drill" and everyone moved to working from home. The plan was to test this for one week starting from March 16, 2020. That one week turned into an eternity. The lockdown ensued, contact restrictions came and went, guidelines and suggestions came from all sides, and after the initial "gratitude" of some for the slowdown, one or the other was pushed to the limit of their strength.

Our work routine was turned upside down. The familiar hum of conversations and keyboards in our office was replaced by a quiet void. Our usual personal meetings with clients, the visits, the trade fairs - all of it came to a standstill and was replaced by video calls and virtual meetings.

Instead, there were now regular meetings of the effective Corona Task Force. It took on the responsibility of interpreting the ever-new regulations and turning them into clear instructions for our staff.

It was important for us to safely navigate our entire team through the pandemic. And we succeeded in doing so through various measures.

As the year drew to a close and it was time for the Christmas party, we had to improvise and, like many other companies, held a digital Christmas party with our entire global team. Despite the distance, despite the pandemic, we were closer in these moments than ever before.

The subsequent years had a significant impact on our way of working and presented us with a number of challenges, because even though we've always been a digital company, personal interaction and face-to-face contact is irreplaceable.

New Client Relationships since 2020

We are pleased that we have many long-standing customers. But we are just as happy to continually start with new companies and thereby get to know new industries, products, and technical innovations.

Our most recent industrial clients are Exolon Group GmbH since 2020, REMBE® Kersting GmbH, and SoftwareOne Holding AG, a leading provider of software and cloud solutions since 2023. The three have very different portfolios, from plastic sheets and sample takers to software and cloud solutions. However, both Exolon and SoftwareONE need a very international team for digital marketing.   

Picture: Katharina Tremmel from effective and Nicole Meyer-Kurczyk from Exolon Group GmbH at the K-Fair in 2022.



Values Workshop

During the pandemic, as the world stood still and people were forced to reassess their priorities, we continued our reflection to define our values, that had started in 2018/2019.  

It was no easy task to bring everything to a concise point. It required intensive engagement with our organization, our history, and our identity. Eventually, however, five central values emerged, forming the core of our corporate culture: Diversity, Trust, Positivity, Growth, and Commitment.  

These values did not emerge in a vacuum but are the result of close teamwork at effective. On August 26, 2021, the final formulation of the values was presented in a lively and productive workshop, and it was discussed how we can implement them in our daily life and work. To this day, these values form the foundation of our work and guide us in everything we do.  

And this applies to the entire effective world Group, which is why we were very pleased that the managing directors of effective Shanghai, Yi Wu-Blumenschein, and of effective Washington D.C., Mary Massoumi, were live at the workshop.

Finally Trade Fairs Again

After virtually no trade shows took place in 2020 and 2021 or only very limited ones, the trade show landscape started moving again from 2022.

In various constellations, Project Managers Ximena Loos, Katharina Tremmel, and Nobuko Wakatsuki, along with our Managing Director Hermann Bareis, set out over the year and visited our clients live again at their stands. At the ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Powtech and K-Fair in Nuremberg, we exchanged information with Exolon, Leser, MCAM, Optima, R. Stahl, and Sesotec about current products, further developments, and news.


"LINE" – Mobile Marketing in Japan

Or also LINEマーケティング

In 2022, Nobuko Wakatsuki, who has been part of the effective team since 2019, successfully completed her master's degree and began a one-year traineeship. In a short time, the "Marketing in Japan" area gained momentum, resulting in a white paper on Digital Marketing in Japan and one specifically for LINE. LINE is one of the largest social media platforms in Japan with a very large reach. Since April 2023, Nobuko has been managing our clients as a project manager, including in the Japanese market.

Our New Service, aucolo

May we introduce? aucolo, our new solution for multi-lingual marketing communication of websites, posts, and technical translations.

With automated content localization, we can offer largely automated translation while simultaneously building one or more brand and technical term databases. This allows us to ensure constant quality and uniformity of texts and translations, whether for white papers, product brochures, or other texts.

Throughout this process, everything is handled digitally on a single platform. We think this is not only clever, but it also saves a tremendous amount of time and money - entirely in the interests of our customers.