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Jiansong Liu
IT Consultant
effective Mannheim

Where are you from, where and what have you studied?
I came from Shanghai.
I studied Graphic Design in University of Shanghai (the School of Fine Art), and that's why I started my earlier career as a Web Designer.
Later I changed my interest and moved my focus from front-end to back-end of website and server.

How did you end up in Germany?
I visited effective HQ in 2012 and expressed the interest of working in and experiencing a different world. When there was an opportunity back in 2014, Hermann kindly invited me to work in the effective HQ as System Administrator.

How did you meet Yi and Hermann?
They were both introduced by a common friend, who was also a partner of the former Shanghai company.

You’re among the founders of effective Shanghai: How did it come to it?
What were the main reasons you decided to work with effective?
Back then in 2006-2007 we were solely focused on the Website building business, Hermann introduced the new world of Online Marketing to us and offered a cooperating plan, which was a natural decision for us to join effective.

Did anything strike you when first working with a German agency?
How is it different from working with Chinese agencies or companies?

I'm mostly working in the back-office, so I don't have much to share on this aspect. I have the impression that communicating with Germany companies is more direct.

What are your favourite spots in Mannheim?
And in Shanghai?

For Mannheim, I like the Luisenpark and the riversides of Neckar (of course, I mean the non-industrial parts). Shanghai changed a lot that some time I feel I'm a stranger to Shanghai (especially those newly built cultrural attractions). I like the Huang Pu riversides too (the green spaces built after the 2010 EXPO). I do miss the cinemas in Shanghai.

What are the top three things you like about Shanghai? ... about China in general?
What are the top three things you like about Mannheim? ... about Germany in general?

It's all about the tradeoff, something common in one side becomes luxury on other side.
Shanghai has more options and the convenience of city-life, while most of Germany (and European) cities have the better balance of city-nature and work-life.
Besides that, I like both Chinese and German classic works (text, music, painting etc) in general.