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Your Customized B2B AI Chatbot Solution

Your Customized B2B AI Chatbot Solution

Currently, AI chatbot technology is advancing rapidly. However, many B2B companies are wary of integrating them directly into their operations mostly for two reasons:

1. Doubts about the accuracy and precision of chatbot responses to user questions

2. Concerns about their own ability to harness this AI technology effectively.

To help industrial companies fully leverage the conveniences AI technology brings to daily business operational processes across various sectors, we are officially launching a brand new B2B AI chatbot customized solution.

This customized B2B AI Chatbot developed by effective using cutting-edge AI technologies such as AI Agents, LLMs, RAG, and others. It will be custom developed for your specific application needs and become an assistant that can be placed in different departments of your organization:

  • Externally, accurately answer customers' customer enquiries 24/7 on product selection, equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and relevant contact information etc.
  • Internally, to help employees find information quickly and improve recruitment efficiency.
  • You don't have to worry about it leaking company secrets, or having unlimited conversations with visitors, which can put you in an embarrassing situation.


The Three Unique Advantages make effective Chatbots more competitive

100% Customization

Application Customization

We can tailor the chatbot development based on your specific application and provided materials, making it a 24/7 first point of contact and a powerful assistant in marketing, sales, and post-sales service optimization.

Integration with Websites

Our chatbot stands out by accurately reflecting your brand and enhancing user experience, with flexible integration options across websites, apps, and social media platforms.

Custom Development for Different Departments

We can integrate the chatbot with various in-house systems like CRM, ERP, for customized functionality and true Marketing Automation.

Flexibility and Sustainability

Our chatbot evolves with the advancement of artificial intelligence, ensuring continuous provision of cutting-edge functionalities that meet your needs. We will update and upgrade promptly upon request to ensure continuous adaptation and fulfillment of your ever-changing business requirements.


A diverse team of specialists supports the chatbot's development

The merit of an artificial intelligence chatbot depends not only on its technology, but more importantly on the professionalism of its developers. For it to be able to perform the various tasks and roles assigned by the organization, it is required that its developers possess the following specialties:

  • Have a deep understanding of various cutting-edge AI technologies
  • Possess specific programming skills
  • Have extensive experience in B2B marketing
  • Be capable of capturing and analyzing target audience user behavior
  • Be familiar with internet data security regulations

For most companies, assembling a diverse talent pool is challenging, and talent loss hinders chatbot upgrades. Choosing our chatbots simplifies this process by giving you access to a team of experts who work seamlessly together, while ensuring that the chatbot technology you have is up to date.


On top of these, Chatbots developed by effective world, like all good chatbots, can help you:

Improve Efficiency
Simplify Lead Acquisition
Reduce Costs
Optimize User Experience
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Improve Accessibility

Do you have any other questions about effective Chatbot? Feel free to ask effi directly!