Go Local in Korea with Naver


Hong Youk    27/05/15

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)




A global B2C company wants to improve their brand recognition in Korea and increase sales as well. For this aim, effective world did a lot of research in advance to work out a precise online marketing strategy for our customer.



Specifics of the Korean Market


To successfully establish a brand in Korea, it is mandatory to have a good knowledge of the status quo in online marketing in this market. Korea is a very small country with a highly developed IT infrastructure. Korea - in common with China, Japan and Russia – has strong local search engines, which are much more popular than Google.  Koreans prefer to use local search engines such as Naver (79%) and Daum (16%).  Google (and other search engines) have not found their spots in this market, yet. Furthermore, Naver and Daum offer other services, such as the "Naver Blog" and the "Daum Forum", which again dramatically increased their share of users.


Not too long ago, we covered at length the subject "SEA and Naver" in our blog, which can be found under: How to Use Naver and What It Can Offer Online Marketers.


Another specialty of the Korean market is the widespread usage of smartphones. Korea has the most advanced mobile network worldwide and nowhere more than in Korea people use their smartphones to look up information, watch video clips and buy things online.




Naver Blog


Find out more about your advertising options

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Advertising Models


Considering that, the visual advertisement (display) was the best option to reach the target group and we opted for Naver’s best choice and booked their Image-Ad "ClickChoice Product".

When a user enters a keyword, product images, prices and information about the product will be displayed in the upper part of the screen. This spot is called the "ClickChoice Power Link". The style and the positioning of the ad are excellent. The "ClickChoice Product" is a classic pay-per-click ad, you pay only if a user is interested in the product and clicks on the ad. This form of (SEA-) advertisement is very interesting for B2C customers.



"ClickChoice Product"ad for the searchword "knit dress":






Picture after clicking on the "ClickChoice Product" ad:




We additionally recommended "Brand AD", for branding purposes. These ads are shown at the top of the search results whenever the user searches for a brand related keyword. Pictures, videos and additional information can be displayed as part of the ad. "Brand Ad" has a flexible advertisement option that can be booked monthly.  It can also be used for timely or seasonal content such as an event, as each campaign duration is between seven and ninety days. They are charged on cost per thousand impressions (CPM).




"Brand Ad" for the keywords "samsung Galaxy Note 4":





Aside from the special ads mentioned above, "Power link" and "Biz Site link" ads (ClickChoice) are more of a long-term advertisement.


At effective world, we understand that Naver is an essential tool for online marketing in Korea, but that it can also be difficult for foreign and national companies alike to setup and work with. We have dedicated marketing experts with experience in Korean market who are happy to assist you in setting up an account or managing an online campaign. For more information contact