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Shanghai Anniversary

15 years ago we decided to expand our horizons beyond the borders of the European continent. This is how the story of effective world Shanghai began in 2007. Since then, the entire effective world team has been on a journey of countless experiences, challenges and wonderful events that have given us a lot of strength, insights and unforgettable memories. 

Find out all the background and personal experiences in the following interviews. 

Enjoy reading, and congratulations to our effective world Shanghai team!

Hermann Bareis Managing Direktor effective world GroupHermann Bareis
Managing Director
effective world Group
Yi Wu-Blumenschein Managing Direktor effective shanghaiYi Wu-Blumenschein
Managing Director
effective Shanghai

Jiansong Liu IT Consultant effective Mannheim
Jiansong Liu
IT Consultant
effective Mannheim

Ziran Xie Art Direktor effective Mannheim
Ziran Xie
Art Director
effective Mannheim

Candy Wu Projekt Manager effective Shanghai
Candy Wu
Project Manager
effective Shanghai

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