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Naver Blog Ads – All About the New "Power Content Ad"

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)




Naver blog is one of the many flagship products that has been around for 12 years. It is user-friendly and interfaces well with other tools. Naver blog has more than 8 million users, providing access to movies, books, cooking and other lifestyle topics. In addition, it also covers various fields such as IT, automobile and many more. The annual “Naver Power Blogger Election” is considered to be the most celebrated big event of the Blog.


In order to increase the blog’s exposure in the marketplace and bring in added benefits, Naver has launched a new form of advertising called the "Power Content Ad”. An image and a text ad can be found below the “Power Link” and the advertisers will be charged by per click basis. Users clicking on the ads will be directed to the blog page.


Naver Blog Screenshot



Users are able to browse easily on the blog and not only that, they can enjoy added information with plenty of benefits to the end-users. In addition to reading blog-related articles and reviews, they can also interact with other users. This would result in an improved enhancement to the blog’s popularity within the internet world. Unlike the official website, cosmetic changes can be made to the blog’s layout in various forms, thus creating a livelier and friendlier interface, bringing the advertiser closer to its target user.



Here is a screenshot of Starbucks Naver blog:


Naver Blog Starbucks



This mode of advertising is very advantageous to service industries such as education, finance, tourism and many more. Products from the service industry often require customization, with the blog collating user requirements and experience, and utilizing it as an important channel to meet the needs of the advertisers.


If you want a long and sustainable foothold in the Korean market and gaining a strong reputation for providing excellent services, now is a good opportunity to set up an official blog. Combined with the use of the new “Power Content Ad” for blog promotions, the impact in the marketplace will be significant and far-reaching.




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