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Lean Content, Splitting, Trigger Emails: Three Tips on How to Capture the Attention of Your Prospects

Content Marketing



Apart from content, nowadays there are many other parameters that can play a role in the success of your email marketing campaigns. A/B split tests, triggered emails and management of the data volume can all be used to have a positive effect on the final result.



Leaner Email Content


Emails with large data volumes either arrive incomplete or not at all. With the application of the right software, the data load can be considerably reduced without any negative effect on the content. Instead of embedding images, they can be referenced – the picture can be inserted via a URL which refers to the image in question. This is especially useful when you wish to send large documents to the recipients. In the same way a URL can be inserted into your newsletter which will lead a prospect to your homepage where the document can be downloaded. A further advantage is that the download page can then be designed in such a way that the prospect is encouraged to view other pages of your website. The size of incoming data is especially important if your clients mainly receive their mail via a mobile device since the default maximum acceptable size is often limited to 150kb.

The design of your mails can also affect the opening rate on tablets and smartphones. Further information on this subject can be found in our article Responsive Design for Newsletters.



A/B Split Tests


The success of a mailing campaign does of course first depend on content, but there are often other parameters that affect email response rates and these need to be considered separately. For example, even the length of the subject line can affect the behaviour of the recipient. The easiest way to generate and evaluate data for A/B testing is to use professional email marketing software which automatically scans the data. Inxmail has a simple and easy-to-use software for A/B testing, as can be seen in the Tutorial.



Trigger Emails or "if...then"


It is an already well-known fact that the more accurately the content is tailor-made to fit the recipient, the more likely it is that the email will be read. Trigger mails are automated marketing messages based on a prospect’s behaviour. The marketing software reacts in accordance with the specific behaviour of the recipient. The current range of marketing responses required for many firms is often so large that they can only be managed digitally. For example, if a newsletter has been distributed and the CTR analysed afterwards, the right moment for a follow-up action will probably already have been missed. If a reader of a particular article in a newsletter registers for a workshop that is on offer, then this is the right time and opportunity to send a follow-up email. If he/she is obviously interested in B2B marketing, then the white paper could also be relevant and timely. If the reader clicks the button to register for the B2B workshop, then he/she will receive an email with a download link for a white paper on that subject. Such processes can be automated and provide a more targeted, direct approach to your prospects.





Email marketing campaigns today are not only improved by attention to content, but also by considering other parameters which can be identified by testing and by using the clever tools available to achieve a higher opening rate.